Road Trippin’

This past weekend I traveled to Dallas. What a trip! Typically I am not a person to schedule my visits, but this trip was different. I have so many friends in the area in order to see them all I had no choice but to plan ahead and mark my calendar.
My trip began with a great phone call to my friend Aly. She is from Massachusetts and we met in Kenya. We will also be roommates this year when we both return. I am so thankful for her friendship! Being on the road gave me a great opportunity to have an long conversation without being distracted, well I was able to multi-task with driving. I arrived in Dallas just in time to have a great lunch with my friend Rachel. We were college roommates and met almost 11 years ago!!!!! Man, that makes me feel old. God truly brought us together. Our moms filled out our dorm application and we were a perfect match! We have kept our friendship over all these years, despite living in different places at times. Through Rachel I met so many great people. One of those being Audra who I also got to see at the end of my trip. More about her later.
The inspiration for this trip was an invitation to celebrate Saphraine’s birthday. It is such a great story of how we met in the airport that I will have to share sometime. Saphraine celebrated her 21st birthday with a Costume Karaoke Party. I finally decided and dressed as a Nerd Herd/CIA agent, a character from a show I watch. Pretty much it turned out to be an inside joke kinda costume. I had a great time, and got to get to chat with some great people. I always enjoy visiting with Saphraine and her sister, Xaundelle. These girls are very dear to me. I also got to love on Saphraine’s baby boy. He is such a little charmer! He was so great during the party.
Another important visit was with my friend Krystal. I love this girl so much!!! She is such a strong, amazing, funny woman. We lived together when I lived in Dallas a few years ago. We have some pretty crazy stories!!! God always seems to put me in the right place at the right time, you know? We had a great chat, and hope to spend more time together before I leave the country.
After my time with Krystal I left Dallas to head to Cleburne. Audra lives in Cleburne and has a brand new baby! I had to see my friend and hold that sweet baby. We had a great time talking about life. God is doing such awesome things in her and her family’s life. Such answered prayers!!!
Well, I was finally on the road but had one more stop. A dear sweet family that moved from Sterling City just happened to be a short stop on my way home. I hadn’t seen them since my going away party in June last summer. It was so great to hug them and update them on life. Their daughter is a great basketball player and ranked very high in the state! Go Kayla!!!! It was definitely worth the stop. They even tried to get me to spend the night. I just prefer sleeping in my own bed. So, I hit the road and finally made it home by 12:30am. Whew! I was tired.
As I was driving home I had plenty of time to think back on all the lives I had connected with in a short 36 hours. Being a loyal friend is not always easy, but it is so worth it! My love for all these people inspires me to do what I do. To be able to sit in someones home and share the intimate details of life, and hopefully leave having inspired and loved, is such an honor. There were times I was wishing I had more to give. However, Jesus has given us everthing we need. You know you don’t have to travel around the world to minister the Gospel. All you need to do is have friends and family. All I have to do is be myself and have relationships with people. That is my ministry. Of course, I also have the privilege of traveling to beautiful countries and loving children who would normally be forgotten.

What a great life I have!


Discipleship Program 2011

I am so super excited to tell you about Mattaw’s new Summer Program! If you are reading this you most likely already know about my stay in Kenya in 2010. This trip was “dress rehearsal” for this next year. As I prepared to go, I knew everything God had done in my life for the last 3 years was leading up to something. I was going as a flexible, excited, and curious volunteer. I was willing to help out wherever the Huffmans needed me. I quickly realized I was living out my destiny. I felt at home and knew it was a great fit, Kenya and me. About halfway through my stay Kimberly and I were discussing me coming back and what exactly that would look like. Before leaving Kitale we talked about launching a program for young people wanting to come and volunteer with Mattaw. I am so honored to be a part of this exciting new adventure!!!
The first session is already full!!! But there may still be room for the July session. Students will spend 4 weeks learning about mission life and seeking God’s heart. For more information, or if you are interested feel free to leave a comment and your email.
I am just bubbling over with joy and anticipation for what God is going to do this year. I am also extremely blessed to have such an amazing responsibility and role in these young people’s lives.
I can not do this alone. I am in Texas until May and would love a chance to share. I also need funds to support myself while working in Kenya. If you feel Jesus has laid it on your heart to sow financially into my life I would be so blessed and humbled. Please contact me if you are interested. All donations and gifts are tax deductible through Mattaw Ministries.

Below are some pictures from 2010. Enjoy!