Life and Chocolate

Is it really halfway through June? Seriously, who is playing this trick on me? For some strange reason, time goes by much faster in Kenya. I don’t know why. There are moments I wish I could pause, and moments I wish I could fast forward or just plain skip through.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what your gonna get.” You know, I like chocolate. I like all kinds. Except life isn’t a box of chocolates. I prefer the analogy of a roller coaster or a puzzle. I like chocolates, I don’t always like what I have to go through in life. I know I am not alone in thinking this. I think most people would agree. Life is hard. Period. We all have to do things we don’t like or don’t want to do. Then there are the chocolate days. The days that are so perfect we wish we could live them over and over. Unfortunately, I feel like those days have been few and far between. The hard part is balancing the in between.

Life is NOT a box of chocolates, but chocolate sure makes me feel better.


The Best Story Ever

I still do not have internet at my house, but thankfully am moved in and working hard to make it home. So much has been going on and yet I have not blogged. I feel like I would have to blog everyday to catch up!
Just to put a smile on your face let me tell you a little story that happened to me on the way to Nairobi.
I had to wake up super early to hop in “Rambo”, the safari vehicle, and drive to Nairobi with Bud and Austin. Everything was going well, despite the cold wind blowing in the open windows. We got about an hour away when we got a flat tire. Bummer. Especially since we unloaded the jack and tire tool in Kitale! In an act of God we were on our way to Eldoret to repair the tire. As we were waiting Austin went to grab some breakfast. He returned with some muffins and some interesting looking chicken. The great thing about Kenya is that you can eat chicken any time. Who needs to wait until 10:30 to serve lunch?! So he offers me some kuku, chicken in Swahili, and I eat it. It was really tasty! Yellow, but yummy. I was hoping the yellow color was curry. Anyway, as I am eating the remaining yummy meat off the chicken with my hands some interesting men walk up and start talking to Austin. I continue with my chicken as the men greet me and ask me what it is that I am eating. I pull the bones apart and casually throw what is left of half over the concrete wall I was standing next to. I looked over and all I saw was a ravine filled with dirty water and garbage. I finish the delicious chicken breakfast and without looking throw the rest of the bones over my shoulder. As soon as I did Austin looks wide eyed and bowls over laughing. I immediately hear “Hey!!” and I knew what had happened. I hit a man in the face with a chicken bone!!!! Bet that’s never happened to you.