A New Chapter

The big news…

Last week I made a personal choice to leave Mattaw. This was my choice, 100%. The new administration is implementing a new policy requiring full-time volunteers to remain in country for 1 whole year. I couldn’t do it. Anyone who knows me for longer than a day knows that my family is very important to me. I couldn’t take a year being away from my ever-growing nieces and nephew. Must I also mention the amazing cousins I have that are some of my best friends? Cousins can be just like brothers and sisters that you don’t live with. I’m sure my grandparents are reading this and doing cartwheels in there living room. Ok, maybe not cartwheels.

A HUGE piece of my heart is staying in Kenya, and I plan to come back for it quickly. Over the next few months I will be praying about the next step. I have been blessed so much by this experience and made so many memories. I know God has a door He is waiting to swing wide open for me to walk through.

Mattaw, thank you. Huffmans, thank you. Aly, you know. Lima girls, you ROCK!!!

I want to close this post with this endorsement. Mattaw needs sponsorships. Currently they are going for 75 in 75. By Thanksgiving they would like 75 new sponsors. Please consider giving $35/month to help these kids grow! You can sign up online at mattawchildren.com.


Big News

Big news is coming soon!

No I’m not dating, getting married, or pregnant. There is a new season ahead that I would like to share with you.

Stay tuned!