I Bake Therefore I Run

This week and next I am filling in for my dad’s secretary. I don’t really know what I am doing, but I can answer phones, take messages, and scroll through Pinterest.

Side note: If Pinterest is not currently on your bookmarks, it needs to be. Highly addicting! Basically it’s a collection of all kinds of things people are looking at online. You categorize and file them into folders to read, research, or print on your own time. GENIUS!!!

You know those days when you begin to think about dinner and it is only 10am? Oh, is that just me? Well, today I was drawn like a moth to a flame to all the amazing food pins. Pretty soon all I could think about was chocolate, cake balls, and brownies. Today was one of those days I wished I could have just stayed in the kitchen with an endless supply of coco and flour and baked until my heart’s content. Since I was sitting at a computer I printed off all the deliciousness to bake in my free time. The problem with me baking? Me eating.

 While prepping for my totally awesome 30th birthday vacation with Aly I made a decision to get healthy for my 30s. I mean, it’s only getting harder. So, Aly and I faithfully jogged, did a little yoga, and planked our bodies into submission. I was never a runner. EVER. As a matter of fact, I hated running in school. Still do, actually. The thing is running is free. I have also been able to push my body to limits I didn’t think were possible, at least for me. The rewards are totally worth it.

The reason this ramble session has gone from baking to running? If I am going to bake and eat all sorts of goodies, I have to run those brownies off. I bake therefore I run.


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