Pet Peeves

We all have them. You know that thing that other people do that drives you crazy, and most of the time you haven’t told anyone how irritating it is? Some of the things that annoy me aren’t even worth telling people because I will only expose my own quirks. Then there are those things that have created friendships with people all because those weird things annoy them too. 

Here are some things that annoy me the most.

 I was just browsing facebook recently when I saw it, not once but TWICE, from two different people that I happen to know are college graduates. When referring to a particular event with their significant other wrote, “Bob and I’s vacation/engagement.” (Names have been changed to protect all involved.) Warning, I’m about to go off…


When, in your educated life, did someone tell you that ‘I’ needed the apostrophe and s to indicate ownership? Pardon me, but I thought the ‘I’ implied it was yours. Let me not begin to elaborate on the fact that it isn’t even the correct use of I. It’s not always “Bob and I”. Sometimes it’s me. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! The incorrect use of I and me really ticks me off. Also, the incorrect usage of your and you’re. Didn’t that episode of friends when Ross goes off on Rachel help anyone remember the correct way to write it? Let me just say, I know I am not a perfect writer. I make typos all the time. You know this, you read my blog! I’m just saying that people should want to say it right.

A few other things…

 People being too cheery in the morning. I’m still half asleep, leave me alone.

People texting in the movie theater. I can see the glow of your phone!

People letting their kids jump all over me. It’s bad manners. I’m not a jungle gym.

People letting their dogs jump on me. And sniff my butt. Again, bad manners. Lock them up.

Traffic jams. Don’t people know I have somewhere to be?

People trying to sell me stuff I don’t want. If I wanted it, I’d go buy it.


I could go on. What are your pet peeves? This could get interesting so please leave a comment!


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