‘Tis The Season For Boots

Now that it’s winter time and all, I have been looking for a pair of boots. I have my super comfy black knit Uggs, but I want something more along the line of riding boots like I see in so many magazines and photos. A couple of weeks ago I was going out with family and I remembered the pair of vintage Frye boots I bought at a tiny vintage store when I was in college. I paid $25 for them 10 or so years ago! I have tiny feet and I am postive no one else could’ve ever gotten their foot into them. A week ago I saw a similar pair of Fryes marked for over $300!!! I am totally gaining a love for these old boots. I still want a pair that has a little more versitility, however. The problem I am finding is that I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, and the tall boots are almost too high. I’m only 5’2”, there are 6th graders taller than me! I am posting some pictures of boots I liked from Dillards.com. Let’s go shopping now!

Steve Madden


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